Would you volunteer to die on mars?

If you had the opportunity to travel to a planet 140 million miles away from earth and uninhabited by any other human or known animal life, would you take it? You will travel through space for 7-8 months in a small capsule before arriving on Mars. Once there, you will need to readjust to gravity and complete the setup of the life-sustaining units that you will now call home. The only catch is that this trip is a one-way ticket, once you leave on the Mars Transit Trajectory, there is no going back. You will have to say goodbye to all of your family and friends as the only video call from Mars will have a seven minute delay one way.

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Changing Our (and Our Pets’) Daily Lives Through Innovation

My Animals

Innovation. It happens all around us transforming our lives everyday through the formulation of new ideas and the creation of products that simplify and become the basis of our daily routines. Two of the most ever-changing and evolving fields of study are science and technology where new ideas, research, and discoveries are regularly formed and shared through groups like the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). So, why not take these quickly advancing ideas and continue to apply them to problems common problems for pet owners that could use some sort of tool to solve them.

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