The End of the Beginning


When I began this blog in early October of last year, I had no idea what to expect and only a slight idea of what I wanted to write about. But since then I have published about thirty posts and while I originally set out to write about popular media forms/topics like television, books, and movies, my blog quickly became a place to make personal connections and store stories from my past. I realized that I was writing more for myself and about myself because it was a great opportunity to share my life with others whether they were ready to listen or not. It was a weekly chance to express myself and really sit down and think about how the positive and negative experiences in my life truly shape who I am.


There are so many posts that I loved writing and the ones that I genuinely loved writing were the ones that people genuinely loved reading. My very first post was on the killing off of characters (read it here) and even months later I still get comments from people who can easily relate to the feeling. I also loved writing my vacation posts, especially about my trips to Utah and visiting the farm in Maui with the backhoe, avocados, and the donkey. As I wrote each one, I got the chance to take in and in a way, celebrate the amazing opportunities and experiences I’ve had and how much they affected my life and my outlook on it. In addition, I’ve always had so much fun writing about the animals that play such a huge role in my life. With the loss of my beloved anole, Kiwi, a few months ago and the recent addition, Hadron the Bearded Dragon, reflecting on those blog posts has secured their memory, their stories, and their little quirks.


If I could do anything differently, I would simply post more often. Especially just those simple, short posts with a picture that means something to me, tells a story, or makes a memory last. And for future bloggers, I would suggest that you make your blog a reflection of yourself. Pour yourself into your posts, make them important to you, and your audience will feel the meaning and magnitude that they leave behind. And of course, DFTBA.



I wouldn’t change anything about this blogging project or experience. It offers just enough guidance and suggestions but still allows us the freedom to write meaningful posts.


Needs and Wants. Is there really a difference?

Cali wants to come inside.

Cali wants to come inside.

Everyone has things they want and things they need but the line dividing those two categories is easily blurred. It’s difficult to define each category and nearly impossible to come up with an absolute definition of either. Needed things could be explained by the necessary physical requirements to sustain life like water, food, and shelter but we also need to take into consideration¬†each person’s unique emotional needs. Wanted things are generally explained by the urge to obtain something that you don’t already have.

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