The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Part 1)


Credit: Lionsgate (Click image to go to original link)

Tonight, the most anticipated film of the year, has been officially released in theaters across America. And like hundreds of thousands if not millions of teenagers throughout the country, I’ve been preparing for this day since the presale tickets were released on October 29. From ordering reserved seats in our local theater weeks ago to buying 5 lbs of skittles on Amazon to sneak into the theater, every hour and every minute seems to be passing by incredibly slowly.

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Why did you kill off our favorite character!?

Why do authors, show-runners, and a great deal of other people with creative power, enjoy eliminating their main and/or beloved characters? On television, the end of an actor’s contract or their decision to move on is a fair enough reason to eliminate the character but is it really necessary to kill off our favorite characters in books? After all, the author does have the power to continue the story and further develop the plot line.

If you haven’t finished the Divergent or Hunger Games Trilogy, or watched the past few episodes of “Bones”, here is my obligatory warning: [BEWARE: SPOILERS AHEAD]


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