Finding People Who “Get” You (Part 1.5)


Growing up, I was never what most people considered a “typical” girl and even now I don’t like to do what everyone else or at least what every other girl is into or doing at the time. So, when my brother and his friends began playing Minecraft a few years ago, it immediately drew my attention. A game where I can build anything I want, interact with people who are interested in the same things as me, and who don’t care ¬†about what gender I am or any other characteristics that usually end up getting me excluded. Sounds like a dream come true! And it was and (yes, I’ll admit it) still is. Can you believe it? A video game that might actually be “useful” and positive and not intended to be educational.

So, why do parents, teachers, and other adults always make video games the “bad guy”? Continue reading to find out why I and many others think this occurs and how they might even be potentially helpful later in life.

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