A Whole New Meaning to “Just Keep Swimming”

Credit: Nicole Dorling, Lort Smith

Just under a month ago, on one of my Google escapades, that began with a well-intentioned search for colleges, careers, and majors, I stumbled across an article about an exotic pets veterinarian in Australia who performed surgery on a goldfish named George (Check out the article here). Now, I’ve done a few things people who don’t own pets might deem “crazy”, like take a Russian dwarf hamster to the vet (twice) to have her examined and receive antibiotics, syringe feed a leopard gecko a liquid calcium and vitamin D supplement, spend close to $40 on fish medications to save the lives of two “feeder” goldfish I got for a quarter, and carefully create a balanced diet for the same hamster who turned out to be diabetic and also needed her ketones and glucose levels tested regularly. Oh and don’t even get me started on Kiwi, my green anole. But I’ve never considered, well, seriously considered, taking any of my many fish to the vet, usually I end up turning to Dr. Google and a variety of fish forums/experts for help.

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