43 Years in the Making


Growing up as the oldest child with a dad who loves American football, I learned to throw a football in elementary school way before my younger brother. Come to think of it, I spent most of my childhood throwing things, baseballs, tennis balls, toys, and pretty much any other object of a decent weight and shape that was readily at hand. But throwing a football was definitely one of my favorites. Especially that amazing feeling of getting a perfect spiral with just the right amount of wobble on a deep pass followed by a great catch by the receiver and a touchdown. Speaking of touchdowns, one of my favorite and definitely the most memorable weekend activity my family and I used to do, was playing a game of 2 vs. 2 touch football at the local park. For the most part it started out as touch football but we are insanely competitive so it usually ended up as a game of tackle football and someone crying or bleeding and once, a broken wrist (street football – highly NOT recommended).

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