What If We Are Living In Tris’ World…

With the upcoming release of the movie, Insurgent, the second book/movie of the Divergent Trilogy, it’s made me wonder about the plausibility of our whole lives and world being a simulation run by superior beings whether intellectually or simply by chance. What if our “fence” is a barrier that we have not yet found but exists either metaphorically or physically? As a kid, almost every single time I wandered off into a day dream, it was about how tiny and insignificant I am, we are, in the grand scheme of things. The average human is just a small lump of atoms, roughly 7.0 x 10^27 atoms, in comparison to the extraordinary amount of atoms that makes up just the observable universe. I’m just one person, on a small planet part of one of many solar systems, which is part of one of many galaxies,  in a universe that cannot be completely observed and that may not even be the only universe. Literally, a “Who” on a speck of dust on a fluffy pink clover carried by a happy-go-lucky elephant.

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Hands Off My Books!

Homemade Severed Head Model for Deja Dead (by Kathy Reichs) Book Report

Homemade Severed Head Model for Deja Dead (by Kathy Reichs) Book Report

I like things a very specific, annoying way. Certain things have to be arranged in the most logical order according to my preferences and one of these things, is the way my books, magazines, and really any printed object is treated. I’m not necessarily a neat person, though. I don’t use binders because they are annoying and time consuming plus I hate having to find a hole puncher, and I usually just end up using the rings to rip holes in the paper anyways. My desk is a disaster zone (and probably a fire hazard) with post-it notes stuck to the edge of my monitor, the wall covered with papers and a calendar that is still on January…of 2014, not to mention its weird occupants including a plastic Darth Vader with a Mockingjay pin and a (FAKE) severed head in a bucket from an old project.What was I talking about? Oh right, books. Books are one of the few things, I spend a significant amount of time caring for.

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43 Years in the Making


Growing up as the oldest child with a dad who loves American football, I learned to throw a football in elementary school way before my younger brother. Come to think of it, I spent most of my childhood throwing things, baseballs, tennis balls, toys, and pretty much any other object of a decent weight and shape that was readily at hand. But throwing a football was definitely one of my favorites. Especially that amazing feeling of getting a perfect spiral with just the right amount of wobble on a deep pass followed by a great catch by the receiver and a touchdown. Speaking of touchdowns, one of my favorite and definitely the most memorable weekend activity my family and I used to do, was playing a game of 2 vs. 2 touch football at the local park. For the most part it started out as touch football but we are insanely competitive so it usually ended up as a game of tackle football and someone crying or bleeding and once, a broken wrist (street football – highly NOT recommended).

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Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?!

I’m not exactly known for being a particularly optimistic person. Usually I end up seeing the negative side of things before I gradually, and ever so slowly, begin to recognize the more positive side. In fact, when I say “seriously?!?” it’s my way of saying “Are you kidding me? I can not believe you have the nerve to do that to me/right in front of my face.” So, below is a list of some of the things that drive me absolutely insane:

  1. Communicating with Anyone During Movies/TV Shows: This is one of my biggest pet peeves, I absolutely hate when people in the same room or theater as me are either talking to each other, on the phone, texting, or adding their own commentary that nobody wants to hear. If you have an opinion about whatever we are watching, please, please, save it for after the show or movie is over.
  2. Applauding During Movies: Last year, my friends and I had the brilliant idea (yes, that was sarcasm) to go see Divergent on the day it came out in theaters with about a hundred other screaming, giggling (pre-) teen girls. Besides the group of girls behind us who wouldn’t be quiet for about 1/3 of the movie, everything was going smoothly until one of the male characters took off his shirt. That’s when the clapping began and occurred intermittently throughout the movie. I understand that it may seem fun to clap at some of the apparent “high points” of the movie, but it also tends to spark conversations and makes it difficult for others to hear the dialogue spoken afterwards. After all, I still don’t know what Tobias said to Tris after he took his shirt off.teenagedgirlscristinayang Continue reading

Why did you kill off our favorite character!?

Why do authors, show-runners, and a great deal of other people with creative power, enjoy eliminating their main and/or beloved characters? On television, the end of an actor’s contract or their decision to move on is a fair enough reason to eliminate the character but is it really necessary to kill off our favorite characters in books? After all, the author does have the power to continue the story and further develop the plot line.

If you haven’t finished the Divergent or Hunger Games Trilogy, or watched the past few episodes of “Bones”, here is my obligatory warning: [BEWARE: SPOILERS AHEAD]


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