Books, Videos, and More

January – March

  • Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs
  • No Easy Way Out by Dayna Lorentz
  • Chosen by a Horse by Susan Richards
  • Peak by Roland Smith
  • Legend Trilogy (Legend, Prodigy, and Champion) by Marie Lu
  • What If? by Randall Munroe


April – June

  • Shocked: Adventures in Bringing Back the Recently Dead by David Casarett, M.D.
  • Enslaved by Ducks by Bob Tarte


In-Progress or Beginning Soon


  • How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog by Chad Orzel
  • The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert
  • Extreme Medicine: How Exploration Transformed Medicine in the Twentieth Century by Kevin Fong, M.D.


Memorable Media From the Around Internet


These hilarious digital comics from Randall Munroe and his website

These videos that make you think about your life:



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