About the Animals



Kiwi is a green anole also known as the American chameleon so he can change between different shades of green and brown. Hence the reason he was named for the green and brown fuzzy fruit. I got Kiwi about 2-3 years ago and originally believed him to be a male since he had a dewlap and would do head-nodding/push-ups. About 3 months later, I found out “he” was in fact a “she” after he laid his first decalcified egg (more commonly called a slug) but despite that, his name remained the same and my family I still refer to Kiwi as “he”. Kiwi passed away on Saturday, April 4, 2015.


photo 1 (1)

Cali is a domestic short hair cat but her coloring reflects that of both a tortie and torbie (calico) so we never really know how to explain her coloring except that she has a orange heart on her left front paw and a backwards silhouette of Kentucky between her eyes. Cali was originally our neighbor’s outdoor cat but when her husband died suddenly, she began coming over to our house for attention and food. Eventually, she made it indoors and after cutting her paw pad on a tree branch last year, she became a completely indoor cat and is gradually expanding her boundaries in our house.



Eva was a Russian Dwarf Hamster that I received when she was only 2 months old as her mother was purchased from a pet store already pregnant. I believe she had about 10 siblings including my cousin’s hamster, Shima, and a few accidental nieces/nephews. Eva was one of the first furry pets that I got to call my own and she was definitely the friendliest hamster that I had ever met since she had been handled as a baby. As she grew older, she developed ketone related diabetes that required regular testing and a carefully measured and balanced diet often including foods like garbanzo beans, romaine lettuce, boiled chicken, oatmeal, bird seed (spray millet, grain), and high protein fat free plain greek yogurt. A few months before she would have turned 18 months old we began to notice a growth on her body. We took her to a vet and tried tiny doses of antibiotics but about 2 months later on June 1, 2013 she passed away.

The Fishies

The first pets I ever got was a 10 gallon tropical tank with various tetras, mollies, guppies, and bottom feeders like cories and a plecostamus. Recently, their tank was upgraded to a bow front 26 gallon in order to accommodate the growing size of the plecostamus as he now exceeds 6 inches. After a quickly spreading disease or toxin wiped out nearly the whole tank except for the pleco and one tetra, it remains under quarantine until both remaining fish show no signs of infection and the medications are fully diluted. In addition to the main tropical tank, we also have a 5.5 gallon with rosy red minnows, 10 gallon with more rosy reds, and a roughly 300 gallon outdoor pond containing some large goldfish and a few mosquito fish.


Sharky is currently the oldest fish as we have had him for nearly 9 years. He is a plecostamus, although his exact species is unknown, and currently measures at just over 6 inches with the widest part of his body measuring about an 1 1/2 inches. He was one of the first fish that we got for our first tank and originally measured about 2 inches long.


Crabbie is a Rainbow Crab although his species is also known as a Patriot/Land Crab or Cardisoma Armatum. I got him from a specialty fish store on January 2, 2015 and now he currently lives in a semi aquatic 20 gallon long fish tank. He had his first molt (which you can read about here) and is currently happily eating away at goldfish, carrots, apples, almonds, and turtle pellets.


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