What If We Are Living In Tris’ World…

With the upcoming release of the movie, Insurgent, the second book/movie of the Divergent Trilogy, it’s made me wonder about the plausibility of our whole lives and world being a simulation run by superior beings whether intellectually or simply by chance. What if our “fence” is a barrier that we have not yet found but exists either metaphorically or physically? As a kid, almost every single time I wandered off into a day dream, it was about how tiny and insignificant I am, we are, in the grand scheme of things. The average human is just a small lump of atoms, roughly 7.0 x 10^27 atoms, in comparison to the extraordinary amount of atoms that makes up just the observable universe. I’m just one person, on a small planet part of one of many solar systems, which is part of one of many galaxies,  in a universe that cannot be completely observed and that may not even be the only universe. Literally, a “Who” on a speck of dust on a fluffy pink clover carried by a happy-go-lucky elephant.

Credit: Fanpop, Inc.

Credit: Fanpop, Inc.

The idea that the universe could be a computer simulation run by…a highly advanced species, is a difficult theory to wrap your head around. Although it does seem absurd and as though it belongs in a science fiction novel, there are reasonable explanations that can back up this hypothesis. I’ll leave the more technical explanation to the physicists but it’s interesting to think about how a young adult fiction novel can encompass a huge idea on a smaller scale.

The computer simulation theory will likely not be proven anytime in the near future, but it still makes me wonder what would happen if we were somehow able to prove that someone else controls the universe. What would we do about it? Realistically, it seems unlikely that we would be allowed to discover we are playing out a simulation, an experiment, but if we were, it seems even more unlikely that our actions would serve any purpose in changing our path.

Which I suppose begs the question, are we just puppets or pieces in someone else’s game? Whoever runs the simulation must be significantly ahead of us in technology advancements and it is highly unlikely and improbable that we will come anywhere close.

But will improbabilities stop the human race from trying? Trying to defeat it, overcome their “suppressor”, or understand every last detail of the universe. Of course not, there’s always an outlier and there’s always someone curious enough to keep searching, to keep fighting. After all, fear didn’t shut Tris down…it woke her up.

So maybe, just maybe, Dr. Seuss and Veronica Roth were onto something.


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