Grey’s Anatomy Returns Tomorrow!

GATomorrowAdBannerIn less than 24 hours, Grey’s Anatomy will return after it’s winter hiatus and jaw-dropping winter finale. Hopefully many questions will be answered but based on the sneak peeks provided by ABC the episode will be an emotional roller coaster for both the viewers and our favorite characters. Let’s start where we left off in November with some of the unanswered questions and a brief recap…

  • Meredith and Derek: Throughout the winter finale, Meredith and Derek’s encounters could be considered less than pleasant. After Meredith’s half-sister, Maggie, asked her to consult on a case in which Maggie and Derek had conflicting opinions over the best course of treatment for her patient, Meredith sided with Maggie and even after further discussion with Richard Webber, the two sisters ultimately ended up proceeding with their plan. At the very end of the episode in front of the hospital, Meredith and Derek get into a heated argument which eventually leads to Derek informing her that he was re-offered the position in D.C. and Meredith tells him to take. He calls the president’s assistant, accepts the job, and walks off leaving Meredith looking hurt and angrily after him.
  • April and Jackson: After Stephanie accidentally reveals that April’s baby is a boy while doing an ultrasound, she also noticed that something may be wrong with the unborn child and takes her concerns to Arizona. Arizona agrees and after consulting with Dr. Herman, confirms it is type 2 or 3 osteogenesis imperfecta (or Brittle-Bone disease) a near always fatal condition where bones do not correctly form in a fetus. Towards the end, Jackson overhears them discussing his baby and begins to question Stephanie.
  • Dr. Herman, Amelia, and Arizona: As a result of Arizona’s growing concern for the health of her mentor, Dr. Herman, Arizona shares the information about Dr. Herman’s brain tumor with Amelia who, towards the end of the episode, reveals that she has a plan and knows how she can remove the tumor, the only issue being that Dr. Herman is unaware and essentially unwilling to share a great deal of information with anybody.

My Questions:

  • What will happen to Jackson and April’s baby? Will a miracle save him or will he die? How will the outcome affect Jackson and April?
  • How will Amelia react/relate to April’s situation based on her past experience in Private Practice?
  • Is this end of Meredith and Derek? Is it the beginning of another long dance between them as we wait for them to reunite? What about the “post-it”? (In case you don’t remember, watch the clip below.)

  • What will happen to Dr. Herman? Will she allow Amelia to operate? How will she react and how will this new option affect Amelia and Arizona?
  • Will Callie and Arizona ever reconcile?
  • Will Maggie become Meredith’s new “person”? Or will it be Alex?
  • What is in store for the future of Jo and Alex? Will he finally get married?
  • Is anything in the future between Owen and Amelia?

And here are the sneak peeks…

Enjoy the new Grey’s Anatomy episode tomorrow at 8/7 c and the return if TGIT!

All credit belongs to ABC Television Network and Shondaland.


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