Finding People Who “Get” You (Part 2)

Credit: Official EcoCityCraft Website & Forums

Credit: Official EcoCityCraft Website & Forums

So, in continuation of the various communities I’ve joined or found myself a part of, this post will be about the group of people who love to play the same computer game as me…Minecraft. But this community is more specific than just a game, it’s a Minecraft server called EcoCityCraft (ECC) built around the idea of creating a positive family environment with a community consisting of people of all ages, from kids to teenagers and adults.

ECC is a economy server where players strive to earn money through mining, survival games (sg), and many other methods that can be used to purchase items of value such as ranks, server shops, and various privileges among other things.  When I first logged on, about 2 years ago, I didn’t fully understand how the server and its carefully balanced economy worked so my brother and I proceeded to dig a hole in the “wild” and set up our home in it. But because the wild isn’t protected form  “griefers” or people who will come and destroy your builds our house was destroyed multiple times. Eventually we gave up, so we continued to play on and off for the next year, never actually earning ranks or ecodollars (ECD) for more than a year.

Finally, this past June, I was bored and looking for something to do so I clicked on the Minecraft shortcut and decided to try logging back onto ECC to give it another shot. This time I actually understood that in order to go anywhere on this server you actually needed to be devoted and put in effort to set and achieve your goals. On June 28, 2014 I finally achieved the rank of “Resident” and within about a month, I had gotten the rank of “Mayor” and now owned a protected town which my cousins named Risen_Valley (the region was originally divided by two ravines which we filled in, hence we rose the valley).

On ECC, their forum is very important to your success since it is used to apply for various ranks, file reports/requests, and many other things. One of these things was providing different sections where you can ask questions and discuss with other players, your goals, problems, and other ideas that you need their input or opinion on. Through this you get to meet people who genuinely want to help you and offer their own ideas. It is a great place for collaboration on larger projects or getting to know players who can provide reliable information and are trustworthy and committed to maintaining ECC’s status as a great server.

In game, the server is constantly moderated and supported by a wonderful staff team that makes it clearly evident the impact and significance that this server has had on them and their lives. They willingly help players in distress and answer questions with the utmost precision, speed, and accuracy. Along with the staff, veteran players also help to provide and add to the close-knit community that has developed over the years and like staff members, they offer guidance, tips, and other information on succeeding in ECC. Here is one testimony from the current server owner:

When I was a builder and only in my second day here on ECC, I had just finished building my house out in the wild. Soon after that, a group of people came in and griefed everything my son and I had been working on since we joined. I rebuilt our homes, and the griefers came back and did this again. This happened for a total of 4 times and lasted about 6-7 hours. We were even found under the ocean. :/ There was water everywhere, and at the time I didn’t know that this was a donation feature and that doing this was illegal. While I was working to clear up all of the water another user came in with sponges and helped clean the water up (twice). He (Skwisgaar1991) then offered us a place to stay in his town so that we didn’t have to go through this anymore. It was such a relief to not have to worry anymore about my home being destroyed. I tried to repay his kindness by helping out in the town any way I could, but I wanted to do more. I wanted to help everyone I could just as he had helped me. I started cleaning up homes that were griefed in the wild with lava and water whenever I would see them. I enjoyed help these people so much and knew that I could do even more as a staff member so I decided to apply.

– Physicistsmom, ECC Server Owner

From Staff Interview: Physicistsmom. See the full interview here:

While many people believe that Minecraft is only played by younger kids, and for the most part it still is, there are servers and other communities out there that provide a fun and challenging experience for older players. The skill and maturity needed to succeed in an environment where the economy has a strong impact on your success and where you need to be able to accurately fill out applications and lead your “town” is not too far from real life issues. And all these skills that even I didn’t realize I had learned until I began writing this, can all be obtained while still having fun in a fictional world run by an amazing community.


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There will be an extra/early post this week in anticipation of the U.S. premiere of Mockingjay. Since I will be seeing the movie on the opening day (tomorrow 11/21), you can expect to see a post about my experience and opinions about the movie either late Friday night or sometime Saturday. Until then, check out this blog post by Connor Lenahan about the anticipation and his expectations for Mockingjay:


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