Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?!

I’m not exactly known for being a particularly optimistic person. Usually I end up seeing the negative side of things before I gradually, and ever so slowly, begin to recognize the more positive side. In fact, when I say “seriously?!?” it’s my way of saying “Are you kidding me? I can not believe you have the nerve to do that to me/right in front of my face.” So, below is a list of some of the things that drive me absolutely insane:

  1. Communicating with Anyone During Movies/TV Shows: This is one of my biggest pet peeves, I absolutely hate when people in the same room or theater as me are either talking to each other, on the phone, texting, or adding their own commentary that nobody wants to hear. If you have an opinion about whatever we are watching, please, please, save it for after the show or movie is over.
  2. Applauding During Movies: Last year, my friends and I had the brilliant idea (yes, that was sarcasm) to go see Divergent on the day it came out in theaters with about a hundred other screaming, giggling (pre-) teen girls. Besides the group of girls behind us who wouldn’t be quiet for about 1/3 of the movie, everything was going smoothly until one of the male characters took off his shirt. That’s when the clapping began and occurred intermittently throughout the movie. I understand that it may seem fun to clap at some of the apparent “high points” of the movie, but it also tends to spark conversations and makes it difficult for others to hear the dialogue spoken afterwards. After all, I still don’t know what Tobias said to Tris after he took his shirt off.teenagedgirlscristinayang
  3. Assaulting the Back of Other People’s Chairs: This only really applies to people under 6 feet tall or when you are not in a cramped area (e.g. airplanes, elementary school chairs, etc.). Another example from my experience at movie theaters: I was with 2 other friends in a morning showing of The Nut Job (What could be better than squirrels and comedy???  A lot apparently.) and there was only us and another man in the theater. About 10 minutes from the time the movie started, a group of teenage girls walked in and sat right behind us, of all other places they could have sat, of course they chose there. Then, for nearly the entire movie, they were either kicking the back of our seats or talking to the point where one of my friends flipped around in her seat and gave them the “death glare”. Which, just FYI, is terrifying if you don’t know her very well.
  4. Texting and Walking (Incredibly Slow): This mostly applies to people who think they can multitask (or know they can’t but still do it anyway) and attempt to walk and text in public areas and walkways. What you think is a normal pace, is a snail’s pace to everyone else who needs to get to the bags of frozen corn in the grocery store. So, if possible, try to move to the side or save the texting for later otherwise you might end up on the local news because cameras caught you almost walking into a bear or going for a “swim” in a mall fountain. Check out this video from ABC News (you will need to click “watch on YouTube” since embedding has been disabled):
  5. Questions Relating to Technology: Whoever told you there’s no such thing as stupid questions, clearly has never tried to help someone with any sort of portable electronic device. It’s not necessarily the questions that they ask so much as the fact that (1) they never even attempted to look for a solution to their problem and (2) they didn’t try to look in the instruction manual or online for an answer.  If my grandma can figure out how to use the newest kindle fire tablet BY HERSELF with a basic set of instructions in less than a week, you can at least try to find the port on the device where the micro USB cord (you know the long thingy that goes into the box thingy which goes into the wall and magically gives the flat thingy that lights up the ability to light up) goes in order to charge it.sheldontechnology


While there are many other things that bother me, for now these are the top 5 things that get on my nerves. As I come up with more or discover new things that irritate me, I may decide to post another list or continue to update this one. Until then, try to find ways to manage your anxiety caused by the people around you. Below are some helpful tips from Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-Up on 25 Tips to Manage Your Anxiety written by Grace Helbig (from itsGrace on YouTube), it’s a hilarious book that I would definitely recommend for anyone who loves laugh:

#17. Pee in the shower listening to “Let It Go.”

Just think about it for a second or Google the chorus…

#20 Wrap yourself up in a blanket and roll around on the floor like a human taco.

Just stay away from stairs, it turns out rolling down them is not nearly as fun as rolling down a grassy hill.


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